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Canine Fertility Care Birmingham

Canine Fertility Services

Our services are available in clinic & mobile dependant on location.


Pregnancy Scanning £30

Artificial Insemination (AI)
Fresh £40/£50 Chilled Semen

Cytology £25 per test

Canine pregnancy confirmation scans can be performed from 28 days post mating.  We always provide a rough number of puppies which are visible at the time of scanning as well as foetal sac measurements to give an estimated due date, where possible. 6 week scans are always advised as this doubly confirms pregnancy after the possible absorption time has passed. Mid-Post Whelping scanning available to make sure all puppies have been delivered.

When performed correctly, this imitates a natural mating. This involves using a small diameter, sterile flexi A.I. tube. It creates a quick, stress & pain free alternative for both male & female. Perfect for maiden, nervous females, creating cross breeds, or for Canine pairs that simply cannot achieve a natural mating. AI also limits transference of Canine STI’s which can be passed on during natural matings & to puppies.

We work with chilled/shipped semen too.

This is the study of vaginal cells taken from your girl during her season to track the fertile window for mating.  This is a kinder less stressful method than progesterone testing. We take a small swab sample of the cells inside your girls vagina. This takes seconds, is pain free with results available immediately. The cells are examined under our microscope with results given whilst you wait. We have been practising this service for many years.  DRAWING BLOOD FOR PROGESTERONE TESTING IS A VET ONLY PROCEDURE! This is why we only offer Cytology, which has better overall success rates as it simply tracks ovulation.

Semen Analysis £40

Semen is collected from the male and analysed to check for motility and morphology and to ultimately asess the suitability for future breeding. We can also advise if any infection is present.

 You will be provided with a video of the sample and we are happy to post onto our social media as proof the analysis has taken place. 

Semen Chilling & Shipping £150/£160

We can ship semen throughout the UK and worldwide. This is perfect for stud owners & breeders alike when distance is an issue.! The semen is collected, analysed prior to the chilling process to ensure viability, then put through the chilling process and packaged ready to ship along with certification documents. We arrange the shipping too so all you need to do is provide the male. 

Semen Chilling To Go £100

We can chill semen in clinic for you to take away  with you instantly. We can be used as a meet half way clinic for distance issues, where we can inseminate a fresh sample and split it to be chilled for you to take away.

Semen Washing £50

Semen washing is sometimes needed for various reasons. This is a process where the semen sample is washed to bring it back to its most potent, neat semen rich sample without prostate fluid present. 

This service will be advised if we feel its necessary. 

Emergency poorly puppy handrear care £100

We offer emergency handrear puppy care for poorly newborn puppies, we have extensive experience in handrearing with different feeding techniques and treating a range of illnessess. This is priced per 24hrs which is usually enough to gain a little strength for the breeder to then continue with care. When puppies are caught early with problems such as struggling to feed and gain weight the quicker it is to fix. 

Microchipping £8 per chip

Puppy Nail Clipping £4 per puppy

We are defra trained, qualified & approved. The micro chips we offer are a smaller size than those used at Veterinary practices. Our microchipping company meets all Government standards for data base registry.

Telephone/Clinic Consultations £35

Virtual Litter Birthing Service £150

If you are looking for advice we offer a consultation service for up to a 20 mins per consultation.

This can be used for a range of topics from stud selection, pregnancy concerns, labour issues, ill newborn puppies and weaning isssues or for clients new to breeding looking for guidance into the breeding world. We are fully experienced in all aspects in breeding to help you along the way with any issues. 


This service can also be used should you have not booked our birthing service but need advice during the birth.

Should you not require "hands on" litter birthing assistance we also offer virtual assistance. 

This covers questions and queries throughout pregnancy and birthing including video calls during the birthing encase guidance is needed.  We can talk you through how to birth a puppy and revival and other tips and tricks you may need at time of birth.

We also provide you with a list of all things needed prior to the birth to ensure a smooth transition so you are fully prepared. This is a PREBOOKABLE service only.

Litter Birthing Service £350
(for up to 10 hrs then £50 ph if longer requested) 


We are fully experienced & trained in advanced whelping,. Once your girl is in the final stages of labour we sit with & fully assist her, as she welcomes her new babies into the world. We provide puppy resuscitation, have oxygen on hand & our ultrasound machine to check for any undelivered puppies and retained placentas. Our own full, sterile whelping kit is provided to assist delivery. This is provided in the comfort of your own home.

This is a PRE BOOKABLE service only and deposit must be paid to confirm booking. as its a 24hr service. This also covers any questions and queries throughout the pregnancy and a list of all things needed prior to birthing can be provided.

Tube feeding demo £40

Perfect for small, weak, fading and dehydrated puppies. This is used for puppies that are unable to suckle and feed themselves. This includes a live tutorial in our clinic where you will learn to successfully tube feed your puppy or kitten. As part of this you will be provided with a sterile tube feeding kit to take away with you and use immediately. A life saver for ill neonates.



Canine Fertility Care Birmingham
Canine Fertility Care Birmingham

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Canine Fertility Care Birmingham

Kirsten R

"I fully recommend these wonderful ladies!! After an experience with my local vet that wasn't good at all I was given the number for Canine Fertility Care. I booked an appointment with them and it was the best thing I could have done. They were so caring with my girl, and took time with her and never rushed us, before sending me the scan pictures. We could not have asked for a better experience and I'm very grateful for their help. Five star service!"

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